The Texts



  • 1836 article
  • The American Journal of Science
  • detailed Hitchcock’s findings of fossil footprints, which he believed were made by ancient birds, in red sandstone in Massachusetts

Final Report on the Geology of Massachusetts

  • 1841 published report, including Hitchcock’s notebooks and maps
  • catalogue and analysis of the terrain of Massachusetts, conducted at request of the State Legislature



Elementary Geology

  • 1840 book
  • reprinted 31 times in the first 20 years of publication
  • overview of basic theory and practice in¬†geological study

Ichnology of New England

  • 1858¬†report
  • analysis of the geology of New England, with particular focus on fossil footprints
  • commissioned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Religion of Geology and its Connected Sciences

  • 1859 book
  • a scientific defense of religious doctrines of divine presence and creation of the Earth